01 May 2019

Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club (QREC) and one of Katara Hospitality operating units have recently concluded an agreement under which Katara Hospitality will manage and operate the QREC Clubhouse. The partnership reflects the two organisations’ wish to use invest this Agreement for the optimum operation of the facility. The QREC Clubhouse will be a significant hospitality destination in Qatar in terms of the services provided at the Clubhouse through a host of facilities making it the ideal destination for those wishing to benefit from this partnership and enjoy a range of facilities.

The structural works are scheduled to be completed at QREC’s premises early next year. Then, the procedures related to the start of the operation will commence according to the schedule to be developed by one of Katara Hospitality’s operating units. It is worth mentioning that the operation of the Clubhouse has been delayed over the previous years due to technical reasons. The existing QREC Board of Directors reached agreement with Katara Hospitality, given its extensive experience in this field, and signed the recent Agreement, which is related to the outfitting and operation of the facility in order to achieve the goals, which QREC looks forward to in the coming years.

Following the signing of the agreement, HE Mr Issa bin Mohammed Al Mohannadi, QREC Chairman, said: “This agreement for the outfitting and operation of the QREC Clubhouse will contribute to the realisation of one of our key objectives by providing alternative financial resources. This will partly enhance QREC’s efforts to develop Qatar’s equestrian sport and partly lessen the burdens of the government towards QREC, which is an ultimate goal for us at QREC. The agreement further fosters QREC’s efforts to be a global equestrian leader, not only in terms of horseracing and technical aspects, but also through the optimum investment and maximised offerings of this facility. The public will certainly have their share of these benefits as the Clubhouse goers will have first-hand experience of the equestrian sport in Qatar and role played by QREC in this area, particularly as the QREC Clubhouse exists at the sole racecourse in the country. The Clubhouse will generate revenues, mainly through the rental of the facility, membership fees, the spa and the other facilities.”

On this occasion, Chief Executive Officer of Katara Hospitality said: “We are honoured with this partnership; The Club House at the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club will be managed through one of Katara Hospitality’s operating units to highlight and enhance this facility offerings, which will be set this project as one of the major and unique destinations in Qatar.”

Katara Hospitality is a global hotel owner, developer and operator, based in Qatar. With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, Katara Hospitality actively pursues its strategic expansion plans by investing in peerless hotels in Qatar while growing its collection of iconic properties in key international markets.

Katara Hospitality’s portfolio has grown to include 42 owned and/or managed hotels and the company is now focused on achieving its target of 60 hotels in its portfolio by 2030. As the country’s flagship hospitality organisation, Katara Hospitality supports Qatar’s long-term economic vision.

Katara Hospitality has gained global recognition for its contributions to the Qatari and international hospitality landscape through numerous prestigious accolades from the industry.

The QREC Clubhouse comprises several sports and entertainment features and facilities, including a multi-purpose two-lounge banquet hall with the two lounges accommodating 400 and 700 individuals respectively. In addition, there are reception halls, entrances, kitchens and four superior suites and each suite is divided into two separate sections.

The Clubhouse also features comprises a range of facilities, including a squash court, a tennis court, a gym, a swimming pool, a video game lounge, a 4D cinema, restaurants, cafeterias, an Arabic majlis and an Amiri lounge, which includes VIP lounges, private boxes and other first-class services. The available options include renting the facility in the form of suites or other spaces for events of companies and organisations, wedding parties, ceremonies, conferences and other private occasions.
About Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club (QREC )The Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club (QREC) was established in the early 1960s and was officially made public in 1975. QREC is mandated with representing, promoting and advancing equine and equestrian initiatives from grassroots programmes to the international arena. Focused on equestrian sport and horse welfare, QREC is dedicated on promoting Qatar as a world-class hub for horse racing and a leader in the pure Arabian breed.

QREC works in collaboration with local bodies dedicated to achieving excellence in planning, regulating and developing Qatar’s racing industry to reflect the world’s best practices.

By harnessing innovation and excellence and driven by professionalism and integrity, QREC hopes to bring the joy of racing and breeding to the wider public.