France, Head Quarters, Headquarters Office, Italy, Qatar, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands 02 May 2016

Katara Hospitality, the leading global hotel owner, developer and operator based in Qatar, has introduced at this year’s ATM “Katara Specialties,” a contemporary initiative designed to highlight the evolution of the organisation’s food and beverage concepts.


Katara Specialties which serves to create authentic Qatari cuisine mystique within all of Katara Hospitality’s local and international hotels, is characterised by signature dishes that exhibit the flavoursome warmth of Qatari hospitality. The concept has been created to showcase the rich Qatari heritage and Arabian hospitality, while adding to the diverse and enriching dining experiences for esteemed guests.


“We are pleased to introduce Katara Specialities at ATM 2016, as we aim to offer our distinguished guests unique culinary experiences that are reminiscent of the authenticity of Qatari heritage and Arabic culture. Katara Hospitality places high importance on initiatives that enhance our combined product offering while highlighting our passion for creating the ultimate guest experiences across our worldwide portfolio of hotels,” said Chief Executive Officer of Katara Hospitality.


Katara Hospitality stand at ATM 2016 will offer visitors a taste of the three signature culinary dishes characterised by a combination of rich ingredients and aromatic spices, the culinary selections available for tasting at ATM 2016 as part of Katara Specialties, will be rolled out in all-day dining restaurants and room service menu offerings across 22 operational Katara Hospitality hotels in 10 countries.


Katara Hospitality is located at stand HC0850 at this year’s ATM taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre, where the organisation will showcase its portfolio of world-class Qatar-based and international hotels including those operated by the recently launched Murwab Hotel Group, Katara Hospitality’s standalone operating arm which manages a collection of international upscale boutique hotels and brands.


About Katara Specialties ‘Dishes:


Jereesh Rebian:

A type of crushed wheat and was made popular in the GCC region and then spread to the Levant region. It is most commonly served during the month of Ramadan, Eid and Friday’s as this is when families gather and reflect on their past heritage. It is also very common for its nutritional benefits, especially known to the elderly due to natural ingredients of wheat, vegetables, nuts and sometimes dates.  Rebian is Prawns in the GCC dialect

Chicken Machbous:

The Qatari Machbous looks similar to Biryani. It is a deliciously spiced rice dish that can be cooked with practically any type of meat you might like, to name a few: chicken (Dajaj), lamb, goat, beef, camel, shrimp and fish. This is one of the most popular dishes in any Qatari home.



Sago pearls made with starch, milk, sugar