France, Paris 24 June 2014

Katara Hospitality, the global owner, developer and operator of iconic hotels based in Qatar, today welcomed the launch of The Peninsula Paris, which is to open on 1 August 2014 after meticulous restoration.

The Peninsula Paris now becomes the 14th operational hotel in Katara Hospitality’s portfolio of 26 properties around the world.

Located just steps away from the Arc De Triomphe and the Champs Elysées in the heart of the elegant 16th arrondissement, The Peninsula Paris has been fully renovated to become a true Parisian palace. The investment, by Katara Hospitality and The Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels, succeeds in celebrating the property’s outstanding architectural heritage whilst discreetly modernising to become a thoroughly contemporary hotel.

His Excellency Sheikh Nawaf Bin Jassim Bin Jabor Al-Thani, Chairman of Katara Hospitality, said:

“The Peninsula Paris is set to become one of the world’s landmark hotels, a real icon not just in France but across the world. The work of the last years has restored this ‘grande dame’ to her rightful place as one of the world’s leading hotels.

“Our investment in The Peninsula Paris marks another example of our commitment to the French market.

“At Katara Hospitality, we are taking the pioneering spirit that saw us lead hospitality development in Qatar and applying it to iconic hotels around the world. We are delighted to welcome The Peninsula Paris into our operational portfolio.”

Katara Hospitality’s 12 operational properties are in Qatar, France, Switzerland, Egypt, Singapore and Thailand. It has another 14 properties under renovation or in development, in seven countries, including Qatar, Switzerland, Italy, Morocco. Its goal is to have 30 properties in its portfolio by 2016, with another 30 by 2030.

At a press conference at The Peninsula Paris today, ahead of the opening, a representative of Katara Hospitality added on behalf of the Chief Executive Officer of the company:

“It has been a long journey, together with our partners at The Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels. We are proud to reach our first destination, with the launch of the hotel, and we look forward to the path into the future, helping to establish this as a true global destination.

“The renovation has utilised France’s best artisans, as can be seen by the outstanding craftsmanship throughout the hotel, which honours the heritage of this beautiful property.

“As it now enters the operational phase, The Peninsula Paris is set to become a centre for Parisian style, offering the best in design, luxury and comfort. We are proud to be associated with this fantastic project.”

The architectural restoration of the property has been spear-headed by Richard Martinet of Affine architecture and interior design, with interiors designed by Henry Leung of Chhada Siembieda & Associates Ltd.

The company representative added that the opening of The Peninsula Paris marked an important milestone in Katara Hospitality’s development, commenting:

“Our philosophy is clear. We are looking to become a leading owner, developer, and operator of iconic hotels around the world. We aim to identify opportunities in which we can use our 40 years of experience as an owner and operator to unlock the potential of these iconic properties.

“In everything we do, our respect for heritage is paramount. Our strategy is focused on investment in exquisite hotels, in which the right care and attention can recreate hospitality icons.

“We are also committed to working with the very best partners from across the industry, from architects and designers, to investment partners, to hotel operators.

“The successful launch of The Peninsula Paris is a perfect example of that philosophy in action.”