Mr Mohamed Abdulrazaq Al-Hashmi

Board Member

Mr. Mohamed Abdulrazaq Al-Hashmi was appointed as Board Member of Katara Hospitality in March 2021.

Al-Hashmi is the Post Acquisition Director of the Real Estate Department of QIA, where he oversees post-acquisition asset management in the real estate sector. Prior to this, Al-Hashmi was a Manager of the Real Estate Department of QIA and an Associate of the Real Estate Department of QIA.

Al-Hashmi is responsible for the management of QIA’s real estate portfolio and is primarily focused on preserving capital investments and creating value through value added opportunities by conducting asset valuation, market research, analysing macro and micro drivers of the economy, and also managing QIA’s property and asset managers actively and growing the relationship with existing partners. 

Al-Hashmi graduated from Qatar University with a Major in Finance and Minor in Marketing.