Corporate Social Responsibility

Katara Hospitality has put in place a comprehensive, integrated approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, building on our established infrastructure for addressing crucial issues related to the environment, community, workplaces and product development. We support the sourcing of local produce, services and building local supplier capacity, to bring sustainable economic worth and empowerment to the communities where we are active, whether in Qatar or abroad.

Corporate Social Responsibility is also an important element in shaping how we better manage our costs and revenue. Being responsible reduces our expenditure, especially on energy.

Travel and tourism is one of the worlds largest economic and employment sectors and consequently has a huge global influence on the environment. Our current priority is to focus on the impact of our hotels and resorts, where we can have the greatest control in creating positive outcomes. We have undertaken a major initiative with the Ministry of Environment for the protection of the sea and reefs at Sealine Beach Resort in Qatar and are undertaking a similar programme at the Renaissance Sharm El Sheikh Golden View Beach Resort in Egypt.

We have increased our focus on understanding the environmental impact of our activities and aim to reduce our electricity and water consumption at all our properties. We continually seek to reduce negative environmental impacts resulting from our activities by adopting environmentally preferable business practices and innovative technologies.